Creation: Using What You’ve Got!

What raw materials do you have to create with?  Are you using all of them to your advantage? 

I adore random a-ha’s from unexpected places…

I was watching the latest episode of Top Chef – a t.v. cooking competition – and had a huge light bulb moment.

The contestants were creating high-end, fancy food and I was thinking to myself ‘what secret ingredients do they have access to in order to create that!”

In the next scene they all got into the car to get supplies for their next challenge and guess where they went?


Say what?!

I shop there.  So do you.

Turns out they don’t have access to secret, exclusive ingredients – they work with the same raw materials that we all do.

So, what’s the difference between their ability to create 5-star cuisine and my ability to create a basic boring dish?

The way they use what they’ve got…

They have educated themselves.

Cultivated skill sets.

Practiced over and over again.

Continually pushed their creative edge.

Took their book learning, real-life experience and creative minds and WENT FOR IT!

It popped open such a space in my mind and made me ask myself –

Where am I not using all that I have access to?

What excuses am I using to keep me from playing with the plethora of energies, abilities and skills I already have and others that I am one choice away from cultivating?

If we all have access to the same raw materials – it’s just how we used them – I wonder what else and what more I could play with?

We all get stuck in those excuses of because…

That people around us are more successful and moving forward at a faster clip because they

are more connected,
have more money and time,
have more creative ideas,
have access to some little-known secret to creation that I don’t know!

What if it was time to move past theses excuse and the point of view that you were missing something?

And started instead to explore, cultivate and use what you’ve got to create a life and business you love?!

Enjoy this podcast exploring:

  • Questions to use to un-stick yourself
  • How honesty with self may be the one thing you are missing
  • Awareness gaining exercise on self-imposed stops and limitations
  • Call to action on exploring, cultivating and using what you’ve got to create!