Un-hiding All of You: Keys to Creative Living!

How many parts of yourself are you keeping hidden?  Is it time to let all of you shine?

We are diverse, layered, multi-dimensional and textured beings.

We have a wealth of different aspect of self.

Not all of our energies, qualities and capabilities get top billing though.

There are some that we play with from time to time but only in very specific circumstances.

And some that we hide far away, so out of other’s sight that after awhile we become blind to them ourselves.

There could be many reasons for this…

Sometimes we share a new side of ourselves only to be shut down by judgment, prejudices or preferences from others.

We are told that certain aspects of self don’t mesh well with our current age, circumstances or responsibilities.

Life’s never ending “to-do-list” leads you into goal directed living.

Autopilot takes over and before you know if you are only playing in one very specific lane.

Gone is the colorful and textured tapestry of you, replaced instead by a more muted, flat and somewhat mediocre version.


To top that off most of us were rarely given permission to un-hide, explore and foster our lesser known parts of self.

As a result, lots of our brilliances lay dormant and unfamiliar to us through most of our lives…

What if you were able to enjoy the full wealth of being and diversity of self that is available?

To add more color, texture and dimension to your life’s tapestry?

And to have the freedom to choose when and where what part of you got to come out to play?

Enjoy this episode where we’ll explore:

  • An awareness exercise to discover hidden parts of self
  • Secretes to undoing the need to hide
  • How to relax into your uniqueness
  • Tips on reclaiming your hidden brilliance and wealth of being

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