What’s right about you that you aren’t getting?!

Are you ready to take off your self-judgment goggles?

You are brilliant, aware, sensitive, open and deeply connected to others and your environment.

This may not feel so great all the time…

Especially if you have never unpacked the gift it is to be aware and connected to this degree.

If you have never looked at it from this angle then you may feel stressed, limited, stuck or are held captive by your spinning mind and heavy self-doubt.

I get it.  I was there too for a very long time.

When we struggle with our awareness we begin to judge ourselves.

We make ourselves wrong and start very unhealthy patterns.

Our points of view create our reality.

So, when we judge ourselves as wrong for being who and what we are naturally then guess what?

We see ourselves as wrong from there on out…

The longer we wear our self-judgment goggles the more our vision gets filtered.

We start to see ourselves, the world and our place in it in a very disjointed light.

Yes, this is bad rabbit hole to go down but have no fear!

There is a simple trick for flipping this wrongness on its ear, challenging your limiting beliefs and wondering about the hidden brilliance that lies within.

Please join me on this very special episode exploring:

  • How our point of view creates our reality
  • How unconscious patterns become grooved in over time – and how to change them!
  • The power of wonderment
  • The secret to dissolving self-judgment and moving past it
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