I Trust Me Most: The Power of Self-Reliance

Who do you trust most in this world?  Is it you?

Trust is a funny thing.

We give it freely to those we deem deserving.

Mostly this includes gurus, authority figures, experts, the people in our lives that demand to be seen this way.

Very rarely do we give that trust to ourselves.

The planted feet, eyes open, strong back-bone of “I know me more then you do” and “I trust that” is an elusive thing.

Even when we get more practiced at it those slivers of self-doubt can pull us of course.

Before you know it, that slight wavering takes your ship and points it towards where others are telling you to go – not the true north that your internal compass points to.

Yes, at times our inner knowing, gut instinct, self-awareness, intuition – whatever you want to call it – can be in opposition to what others tells us.

The expectations of what’s needed, is next to come or what should be are louder and more charged then that soft inner whisper.

When the two compete for your attention which do you turn to?

Which guides the ship of your life?

Are you free to follow what you know and trust that?

There is a growing conversation on self-empowerment, trusting yourself and listening to your inner wisdom.

From my perspective this is in response to the world we live in – one that is heavily dependent on authority, experts and gurus who supposedly know more than you do.

Those parental figures that desire to take you by the hand and lead the way.

It’s not that there isn’t value in listening to these people – the issue comes when you give them more power then you give to yourself.

Image being able to receive from people who have more experience, a different perspective, who are further along the path then you are and NOT making them right and you wrong?

No need to give your power over to them and also no need to fight for your power in response to them?

Perhaps there is a way to receive their information and inspiration and then tune inward and ask –

What do I know about this?  And how can I apply this to my life?  What way would this work for me?

This is a sticky area and unfortunately can be a bit esoteric and conceptual.

Sure – it sounds great to trust me most – but how do I do that?

How do I know what I know?

Well…  the good news it is easier than you think.

I’m delighted to share a few “how to” tools and fun perspective flips in this week’s podcast.

Is it time to take your power back and trust you most of all?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • A key tool on how to tune into your awareness
  • Daily perspective to open your eyes to what you know in each moment
  • What to do when your awareness is different then everyone else’s
  • How to become your own guru of you