Receiving the Fruits of Your Labor: Harvest time!

What seedlings have you planted that are ready to bear fruit?

We plant seeds constantly.

Every interaction, choice to go left or right, ‘yes’ to something new and each renewed commitment to yourself is a seedling of possibility – a different track to take your future or a way to add to the track you are currently on.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the best gardeners at times…

We play with the seedlings in the ethers of fantasy land never acting to bring them to actualized form.

The seedlings can be under-fed and lacking nourishment, care and the space to grow they wither up and die.

We get a bit angry when the when’s and how’s of growth don’t match our expectations.

And interestingly enough we sometimes cut down the most sustainable crops…

When those seedlings out-create our original ask we get overwhelmed to receive all they desire to give to us.

We say no to the gift, turn away and stop the abundance of sustainable creation.

Growth and creation – whether it’s a creative pursuit, a business or a relationship – go through certain cycles.

They require different things from you at each stage…

Creating the space for new creations to take root and sprout.

Pulling energy to feed and nourish them.

Action to clear the path and allow them to get as big as they desire.

And of course, the harvest…

That joyful time you get to pluck the crops off the vine to feed and nourish yourself…

What seedlings have you planted that are ready to bear fruit?

What part of the cycle are you in now and what’s required to move forward?

Are you ready and willing to receive all that your creations desire to gift you?

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The cycles of creation with tips on moving forward when you get stuck in each one
  • The powerful combination of space, energy and action to create anything you desire
  • Energy exercise to create space, pull energy and open up to receive…

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